Lead Paint Inspection Services

EPA Certified Lead Inspection/Risk Assessors

Individuals who have been trained by an Accredited Training Program and Certified by a State Agency or EPA to conduct lead based paint inspection/Risk Assessment.

XRF Analyzer

An instrument that’s used to to inspect surfaces for lead based paint concentration in milligram per square centimeters using the principal of X-Ray Fluorescence.

Visual Assessment

Examination of a dwelling, childcare, or facility to determine the existence of deteriorated lead based paint potential hazard.

Dust Wipe Clearance Testing

Collection of dust sample upon completion of an abatement project, interim control intervention, or maintance jobs that disturbs lead based paint.

Soil Sampling

The collection of bare soil and dust around a dwelling or child play area that may contain lead based paint exposure.

Real Estate Transaction

Inspections must be conducted on a residential dwelling a buyer wishes to purchase within 10 days.

NYC HPD Violations

Housing code violation of a location that tested positive or presumed to have lead based paint.

NYC DOH Violation

Health Commissioner order to abate a location that tested positive for lead based paint.

Daycare Inspection

Inspection of a child-occupied facility where a child visits regularly for at least two (2) different days within any weeks, provided that each day’s visit lasts at least three (3) hours, the combined weekly visit lasts at least six (6) hours, and the combined annual visits amount to at least sixty (60) hours.

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